#19 Cambodia – The Female Bomb Disposal Teams of Cambodia

And with one final push the MA is over!! Here is the culmination of all of my work over the year. 3 weeks of filming in Cambodia, 3 weeks of editing in Cornwall and a fair amount of emotion went into this, so I hope you enjoy.

I am now also editing a 3 minute version of the documentary for One World Media, so if there are any sections you feel would definitely be good to use in this please let me know 🙂

Special thnaks go to Cambodian Mine Action Centre and Cambodian Self Hep Demining for letting me film with them and being so accomodating whilst I was out in Cambodia.


#16 Cambodia – what is a documentary?

So I’ve been researching the theory of documentary quite a lot recently for my Critical Review, and because (to be quite honest) before this module I really didn’t know that much about documentary at all and I’m making my own, I feel I should really get to grips with the basics before embarking on the practical side of things!!

I stumbled across this sliderocket presentation in my research and found it really good. I think its written for film students or something similar. It’s easy to follow, clear and concise – just how I like my film facts. There is no fancy ‘film- buff jargon’ to get confused by, so to any documentary novices out there who are considering making their own… I strongly recommend giving this presentation a read… Basic Documentary Genres

One World Media

So my face and my documentary idea are finally up on the One World Media website, and I must admit I was very excited to see them! There are 18 students being funded on the page, which is supported by CBA, channel 4 and See Africa Differently. And the titles range from ‘Motorbike Midwife’ to ‘Being Black in a country without blackness’ for more information check it out for yourself!

My breif documentary summary looks like this:

Female Bomb Disposal Teams Of Cambodia (TV/online) In the predominately male-dominated job of landmine clearance, women are often overlooked. This film will follow an all-female landmine clearance team in Cambodia.

And having given them the option of which photo to put up, they went with ‘nice’ over ‘action’ shot.

One World Media Funding

So it was a stressful process, many a late night… but I have just found out that I have been successful with the One World Media student funding!!

I am SO excited!!

My Title: Female Bomb Disposal Teams Of Cambodia

The funding body, YourWorldView is looking for a 3 minute trailer of my overall 20 minute university documentary. This will go up on their website and hopefully showcase the work of female landmine clearance workers in Cambodia.

I will be starting up a new blog to focus on my progress with this documentary and the filming I do out in Cambodia, so watch this space…

Now my question is which photo to send in for the website?!

My first paid filming work… PCDT project

I have just embarked on a paid filming project outside of my MA International Journalism course at University College Falmouth. It is a joint venture with two of my fellow course mates Catherine Feltham and Daniel Holmes, and will see us making a series of short documentary-style films for Penwith Community Development Trust (PCDT).

Myself and Catti are on the filming side of things. Between us we will be filming, producing, editing, directing, interviewing and presenting the feature videos. Having already made a 6 minute film for the Eden Project’s first World Pasty Championships and spent many a late night together editing, we know that we work really well as a team (team EDNA to be precise), so the project should be nothing but a fantastic experience.

Dan has been recruited to cover the still images. He did a BA in press photography at University College Falmouth and is a bit of a star behind the camera. He also owns a car and the ability to drive us around the furthest reaches of Cornwall has been a definite bonus!! (not to mention his equipment carrying skills).

The filming is quite a major project, and we have therefore set up a blog just for this; PCDTfilms to show people our progress and keep the commissioners up-to-date.  There will be frequent posts as we go out and about to film around Cornwall, so take a look and let me know what you think.