Newsnight work experience

Since finishing my MA International Journalism from University College Falmouth in August I have been busy with plans for my next trip to Cambodia and some very interesting work experience at the BBC.

BBC Newsnight is the BBC’s premiere feature- length news programme and I was very honoured to get the chance to go and experience working there for a two week period. Just being in Television Centre was exciting for me!

I was on the planning desk and involved with calling in guests for upcoming shows, as well as speaking to certain long-standing politicians/ figures that were highly sought after for the programme. The team was really energetic and fun, and the feel in the office was relatively layed back – considering the pressure that was involved in putting the programme together each day.

In the second week I was lucky enough to sit in with the edits of some of the short films that are featured on Newsnight and see some of the training that I picked up on my masters course being put to use in a working environment. I completed my Health & Safety assesment and was then allowed out filming on location with the film team which was great, and the best part was seeing the journey from cameraman to completion and being aired on the programme the very next day. A fast turn around – but totally worth it!!

The piece I was watching in on was about the cleaning staff working in some of the top hotels during the Olympics in London. If you have not yet seen it, it is well worth a watch.

And finally… here are some pictures I took of Television Centre, during the day and as I left in the taxi after the live show one night.

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