#15 Cambodia – music is key

I have done a lot of research into documentary style and content now, and one thing stands out to me immediately – music is key.

Get the right music, and the feel of the story is captured perfectly, the documentary flows and the characters are felt. Often in this case the music is barely noticed, but it would impact hugely if taken away.

Get the wrong music and the content is lost. Nothing else can really be absorbed or taken in. The wrong music gives the wrong feel to your images and can often misrepresent a story entirely.

So this is the challenge I am faced with… I want to use music quite significantly in my piece, but I am not a musical person at heart. I want the sound to carry through the piece, lifting a sequence when personal stories are told, and allowing for silence of words when poignant images are shown. I feel often words are used too much in documentaries and I do not want to fall into this trap, but at the same time, without the right music I may have to…

So now I must search. For comms free music with a Cambodian feel. Any suggestions are greatly welcomed!

And the stage I am currently at… story – boarding all of my shots on little pieces of paper on the floor (it’s all about walking through the ideas in your head in a physical way, even if it does look a bit amateur).


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