#13 Cambodia – Landmine victims

Last filming day in Battambang, and not such a busy schedule as the previous 2 days. You’d think I’d be relieved, but I actually really like being busy, especially when I have nothing much else to do in the province – so the morning was rather frustrating for me.

07:00am – alarm

07:30am – off to breakfast with my driver (oh yes, even though I didnt have any interviews until 1pm, we still went for breakfast early as ever – although he did consider this a lie in, and to be honest I have taken to the Cambodian meal-time routine and generally wake up starving!).

08:30am – back to the hotel, whilst driver goes off to enjoy his ‘holiday’ (his words not mine).

I decided to be productive and filmed several pieces to camera from the balcony in my hotel, overlooking the bustling roads of Battambang. The rain then started to pour down, so sound quality may not be great – but I did get some good shots.

01:00pm – drive off to CMAC HQ to pick up several stuff members to accompany me to the outskirts of the town to meet with Dos Sopheap, a landmine victim and winner of Miss Landmine Cambodia. Sopheap was a beautiful girl with a lovely family and very sweet nature (of what I could tell trough the language barrier- she was always smiling). My translator from CMAC however was not as good as English as I had previosuly believed and some of the questions were completely lost on him. This meant that I could not really ask Sopheap directly about the Miss Landmine Cambodia competition which I had wanted, and it sounds really bad but I did feel quite frustrated with the whole situation (though obviously did not show this as everyone was trying to help me so much). I think in future I would take my own translator with me to all interviews to ensure 100% understanding and good communication at all times, rather than relying on the volunteering support of those staff members at CMAC who could speak english.

I then went around Sopheap’s family home where her mother, brother, 2 sisters and grandmother were sat, exchanged some basic phrases wit them, said ‘akun’ and left.

Back to the hotel to then pack and head off on the drive back to Phnom Penh. We stopped once on the 5 hour journey for food and had some of the most amazing street foos- was like kebabs, but they were little meat parcels with peppers and stuff inside- mmm! 🙂 I love being with Cambodian people to try all the local food.

My driver dropped me off on Street 278 – the ‘golden street’ of Phnom Penh where all of the backpackers hang out, and that was the end of my CMAC adventure!! Now for a little Cambodian city break before I return home on Tuesday…


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