#10 Cambodia – Khmer lesson

Khmer lesson #1:

Since my Cambodian driver doesn’t really speak English, I have no knowledge of the Khmer language (or Chinese, which it transpires he can also speak) dinner times are often very quiet. I started asking him for key phrases however, and he was more than willing to help me write them down. I have obviously just written them phonetically as I do not know the Khmer alphabet:

Khmer language English language
Niam Bai Eat food
Akun Thank you
Akun chiran Thank you very much
Tom tom Big big
Thor thoray Hello
Lia Hi Goodbye
Choom Rip Thor Please (or pray)
Niam Chi Ay I am full
Thoom thwacum Welcome
Bo Book
Thseal bo This is book
Thom to Sorry
Niam thom to I am sorry
Bay Pen
Bai cha Vegetable rice

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