#5 Camodia – Ankor Wat and the Tomb Raider temple

So today saw me venturing off by myself in search of the temples and Ankor Wat.

This was not an optional self discovery… Oh no. I had waited to go with one of the guys from my hotel, we had got out our bicycles together and rode off down the path together and then we made it to Ankor Wat he announced to me that he in fact saw it yesterday and wanted to go to the other temples…. arghhhh. But what could I do?! I was momentarily struck with fear, as for the first time really on this trip I had to go it alone. But I did, and I survived.

I walked around and took some photos/ video, got told by a local Cambodian tour guide that I looked 15 and had my blessing done by one of the monks. I then found myself some nice girls from London to do the rest of my exploring with!! What was even better, they had a tuk tuk, and after setting off on my bike along side them, the tuk tuk driver insisted on lashing my bike to the back and me getting in. This turned out to be a life saver, as the rain came down pretty hard later on in the day.

Anyway, enough of me… the temples were incredible. Quite a few people going round were sceptical and said that once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, but they really are stunning. They originate from the 11th/ 12th centuries and stand in some of the vast forests of Cambodia. Ankor Wat is surrounded by a moat which is very impressive to see as you approach.

The final ‘lara croft – tomb raider’ temple was definitely my favourie though… the trees grow so fast here that they have taken over much of the temple and it is difficult to distinguish where brick end and tree begins. Definitely worth a visit if ever you are in Cambodia!!


2 thoughts on “#5 Camodia – Ankor Wat and the Tomb Raider temple

  1. wow Emma! I have just caught up on all your entries and you sound like you have done lots of exploring and meeting of interesting people! I’m glad you’re having a productive and fun time! You make visiting Cambodia sound like a must 😀
    Stay safe and keep blogging!

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