#3 Cambodia – Touring Siem Reap

I had such a fab day today. I was feeling slightly lonely up until now because I like having people around me to chat to and explore with, and until today I just didnt have that…

I went down to breakfast in my hostel – Green Town, looking slightly coy and nervous I guess. A guy on the table next to me came and asked if he could eat with me (Scott from Canada) and then we grabbed the other lone person – an American called Theron (I think).

I rang my contact – Sophin Sophary with CSHD (Cambodian Self Help De-mining) who said I could meet with her tomorrow, and so had the whole day to explore Siem Reap!!

The guys and I then went off exploring… We found some of the surrounding Wats (temples, which were beautiful!!), I bought some hareem typpe pants from the old market, saw some live eels, stuffed crocodiles and caged birds for sale, got my feet eaten in the fish foot spa and went for drinks in the shade to cool off….

Ive just come back for a while to cool down, shower and download footage, and then I’m off for dinner and one of the ‘shows’. I have a feeling this is the type of child/ orphan show that Mia is doing her project on, but I think it would definitely be an experience to see, even if I dont agree with what is going on.


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