#2 Cambodia – Im melting!

Cambodia is mental. Well, I’ll be more specific – Phnom Penh is mental!! Its so busy… there are mopeds EVERYWHERE (which I got around on quite a lot) and I think I nearly died of heat exhaustion on my first day!!

I’m in Siem Reap now and its so much less hectic – I think I’m going to like it here 🙂 The bus (Mekong Express) was a slightly terrifying experience… I’ve heard so many stories now that I was scared to even go to the toilet to leave my stuff (but it was of course fine) and then getting in the tuk tuk at the other side… all of the drivers wanted to shake my hand (getting hit on my 10 Cambodian men is jut wierd!! :p) but now I’m in my room, I’m unpacked and I’m happy!!

Hopefully tomorrow will bring some great landscapes to shoot, as I saw some fantastic scenery on my journey here.

Also, I was hoping to add pictures that I had taken so far to this post, but none of them seem to have come out – nightmare!! At least I have practice days for things like this.


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