Cambodia – The beginning

I have spent my first 24 hours in Cambodia now and I must say it really is something else!!

The first thing to strike me was the heat!! I literally feel like I’m melting if I havent got the fan going on full blast.

The second thing – the sheer volume of traffic on the roads, what with the tuk tuks and the mopeds, it just looks like chaos.

I had my first meeting at CMAC this morning with Sam Socheath and Mike Minehan. A young girl from the hotel I am staying in was kind enough to take me into Phnom Penh on the back of her moped and show me around (yes I was one of the moped chaos – great idea in theory but my god was it hot by the end!!)

Socheath and Mike were lovely and I am looking forward to going out to Battambang with the CMAC team now on July 2nd.

I fell asleep for a lot of this afternoon – I’m blaming it on the jet lag, seeing as I got up at 3am UK time for a meeting, my body has now just about crashed!! And then n afternoon swim made me feel alive again in the Hotel Imprevu pool 🙂

I am heading ou this evening to meet up with Anna Borwn for some local bbq dinner. A girl who is going to be doing the same masters course as me next year at UCF, and just happens to be working in Phnom Penh whilst I am out here (very lucky for me – I’m not going to lie, I am in fact still quite nervous about being by myself).


3 thoughts on “Cambodia – The beginning

  1. Sounds brilliant Fry – all that riding around on the back of your dad’s bike has paid off! Good luck with everything, enjoy the BBQ, stay safe, and keep updating 🙂 xx

  2. Em!! I’m so jealous it sounds like you are having an absolutely amazing time and you’ve only been there a day! Make sure you take loads of pictures and try not to get toooo sweaty! 🙂

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