International Campaign to Ban Landmines

I received a tweet a couple of days ago expressing an interest in one of my latest blog posts: NGOs and landmines – The radio package

The tweet was from Laila Rodriguez of the landmine Treaty/ Convention, who works closely with the ICBL, or the International Campign to Ban Landmines.

I had put together a radio piece about the role of NGOs in moving towards a landmine-free world, and unknowingly had included a few inaccuracies about the treaty which the IBCL has worked towards and the convention itself. Laila was lovely and great at explaining everything – so I just thought that I would post up her comments so that no one who has read my blog post remains unclear.

1. Treaty is a term is for a legally binding contract, that two or more governments are involved in

2. A treaty can NOT be formed ny an NGO (merely pushed through)

3. The Convention is a colective of 160 states legally bound by this treaty

4. The ICBL is an umbrella organisation of 1000s of NGOs. It is an international NGO

5. ICBL started 20 years ago. They asked states to sign the treaty- NOT their treaty.

6. ICBL pushed states to sign the treaty (it was the first treaty to take into account the survivors of landmines)

7. NGOs and the ICBL are present at the conventions but it is the governments who make all of the decisions

I hope that this helps your understanding of what the ICBL does and what the treaty is, that they work so hard to push forward.


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