Cambodian Mine Action Centre

So for my documentary I am following an all- female landmine team in Cambodia. I originally contacted MAG to work with their team members, but after filling in the media form, I was told I was not a large enough organisation and that I would unfortunately not be able to shadow their work in Cambodia.

Through a stroke of luck, and some good, previosuly- made contacts, I came into conversation with Mike Minehan of CMAC and he quickly made me feel welcome in terms of working with the in-country staff memebers, and excited to meet the team!!

So I am off to Battambang to see the work of CMAC’s all-female landmine clearance team first hand, and to show what is involved in the work of a female landmine clearance team member and how they feel about it.

I quickly came to realise whilst preparing my for final project documentary that contacts are key! and Mike Minehan and Bill Morse (of CSHD, who put me in contact with CMAC) are two very important points of call that I have made.


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