Cambodia Landmine Doco – The Contacts

Here are the three organisations that I have made direct contact with on the ground in Cambodia and who are willing to participate in my documentary. They all have landmine clearance elements to their work, as well as rehabilitation and education programmes to try and prevent more people from getting injured due to landmines…

  1. MAG – Mine Adivsory Group. ‘A neutral and impartial humanitarian organisation, MAG  works in current and former conflict zones to reduce the threat of death and injury from remnants of conflict.’
  2. CMAC – Cambodian Mine Action Centre. ‘Cambodia’s leading demining orgainisatin, working in the key areas of Survey and Land Release, Mine and UXO Clearance, Mine and UXO Risk Education and Training, Research and Development’ “Saving lives and Supporting Development for Cambodia” Number of staff: 1,715. number of field staff: 1,387. number of female staff: 113.’
  3. Cambodia Landmine Museum (and self-help demining) – ‘Was founded by ex-child soldier Aki Ra as a way to tell the world about the horrors landmines had inflicted on his native Cambodia, he used proceeds to clear landmines wherever he could find them.’

I will focus more specifically once I have all of my footage, but my plan is to interview a few key people (2-3) within each landmine clearance team. This will be with equal time and weighting across each organisation. Then once home, I will identify the strongest, most relatable or interesting characters and focus the documentary around them. I am looking for an ordinary yet outstanding character to carry the story of “The Female Bomb Disposal team of Cambodia”.


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