Cambodia Landmine Doco – The Audience

With so many media outlets and platforms for international current affairs documentaries and long form news reports, the task of identifying my specific audience was quite a tricky one… But nonetheless one I have now decided upon. I have always wanted my documentary to be video/ film based as I feel that the subject matter lends itself very well to good visual footage, but this does not mean that I have to simply look at television, as there are now so many online streams to accomodate such documentaries.

The Options:

The Winner: Al Jazeera – Witness

Of all of the options for my target audience, I feel that my documentary best fits in the programming and criteria of the three Al Jazeera strands. Of these, I have chosen Witnes due to the guidelines…

“Witness is Al Jazeera English’s flagship documentary starnd, presenting two international documentaries each week which bear witness to the ordinary – and the extraordinary – lives of people across the globe.”

Since I am focusing on an ordinary Cambodian woman with an extraordinary job (landmine clearance worker), I feel that this fits in well with the programmes this strand broadcasts.


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