Cambodia Landmines Documentary – The Pitch

I had to give the pitch for my documentary proposal today, and I am quite happy with the result. The pitch is to outline the itinerary of my trip, who I intend to speak to and where, the treatment of the footage and the intended audience. With the feedback from my tutors and peers, and I am still very confident with my proposal and documentary idea and look forward to meeting all of the contributors when I go out in just over 3 weeks time!!

Title: Female Bomb Disposal Teams of Cambodia

Dates: 9th June – 2nd July 2012

Locations: Cambodia (Siem Reap – Cambodia Landmine Museum; Phonm Penh – CMAC)

Question: ™What does it mean to be a female landmine clearance worker in Cambodia in a predominantly male orientated role?

Interviewees: Song Kosal (landmine victim and ambassador to the cause); Aki Ra (founder of Cambodia Landmine Museum); Sophrin Sophray (second in command at Cambodia Landmine Museum); H. E. Heng Ratana (director general of CMAC)

Audience: Al Jazeera Witness Strand

I have subsequently heard back from MAG who are now happy for me to contact them on the ground in Cambodia for an interview.  I will therefore have three landmine clearance organisations that I have access to:

The most interesting point I took away from my presentation was the question: ‘Why are all-female landmine clearance teams even in existance?’ It is a rather crucial point in relation to my title, and one that I had overlooked, so I will be interested to see why this is.


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