NGOs and landmines – The Evaluation

The Task – A four and a half minute radio package on the role of NGOs in the removal of worldwide landmines for a BBC world service audience.

The Execution – 3 interviews, 100s of quotes, research on the work of NGOs in Mozamabique, Cambodia etc and a good flowing script all need to be included.

After speaking to Stuart Hughes I felt that the initial focus of the radio package should be the personal experience he went through, whilst reporting in Iraq. Having stepped on a land mine and loosing his leg as a BBC reporter in the country, he was a relatable western character for the intended audience – rather than a name-less victim from the developing world. This would give my radio package a much more personal quality, instead of simply talking about the thousands of land mine victims who lose their lives or their limbs every year in developing countries.

Stuart Hughes now works with MAG (Mine Advisory Group), an NGO committed to creating a mine-free world. This links in well with my title, and allowed me to flow into the next element of the radio package smoothly – the work of NGOs.

It was quite difficult to choose the best quotes from both Staurt Hughes and Tom Shelton (Handicap International) as they made some really good points about the role of their specific NGOs, the role of NGOs in general and how the local communities benefit from the relief work carried out. I had to decide what the focus should be before I could cut out any clips, as there was no way all of the information could be included.

Also, with my final interviewee – Danny Whear of Shelter Box, the NGO did not actually work directly with landmine victims, but worked with communities in developing countries that happen to also be affected. Since landmines often affect communities suffering from a lack of education, famine and poverty, the services provided by Shelter Box are very transferable and the spokesperson could comment on the benefits this would bring to the people. I therefore had to make sure that this was clear within the package, to ensure that all the information I gave was clear and accurate.


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