NGOs and landmines – The editing

With an average of 15 mintues per interview… identifying the best quotes to use for a four and a half minute radio package was definitely the most challenging part of this assessment!

I managed to get two interviews relatively easily – Stuart Hughes (MAG) and Tom Shelton (HI) which took the pressure of good content away. I knew that I wanted to show the importance of the role of NGOs in helping with the humanitarian crisis of landmines in developing countries, but which angle to take…?

  • educating the locals about the dangers of landmines
  • the current mortality rate due to landmines
  • how NGOs opperate in developing countries to alleviate the situation
  • why governments are not carrying out these services
  • the standard of aftercare being given to the victims
  • the cycle of poverty and disability (landmine amputees)

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