One World Media – LANDMINES

So I’ve been through quite a few ideas for my final project. My coursemates can vouch for the fact that I’m indecisive and plan before I can think. But I have finally come to a decision and I am so excited to go and film it….

  • Initial idea= The Falklands – cost of flights too expensive (£2500) and general theme of the film would have been too political and that is not my key area of interest.
  • Second idea= APOPO /landmines – giant sniffer rats used to detect landmines in Mozambique, but they did not have the time or resources to accomodate me.
  • Third idea= female landmine clearance teams in Mozambique – I was told by several good sources including Stuart Hughes of the BBC that I should have a really strong peg/ reason for choosing to focus on Mozambique… for example: the worst affected by landmines/ the highest mortality rate/ the newest laid landmines. I could not find any of these for Mozambique, so….
  • FINAL IDEA= The Female Bomb Disposal Teams of Cambodia – Cambodia is one of the countries most badly affected by landmines in the world. I aim to follow around one of MAG‘s all-female landmine clearance teams, exploring their roles and how they have been affected by landmines. I will also talk to several charities (contacts already established) including Veterans International Cambodia and Cambodian Handicraft Association (CHA) who work closely with victims of landmines.

I have sent this documentary proposal off to the One World Media student funding awards and await their decision at the end of April… fingers crossed!!


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