Behind the scenes at ITN

Thursday 23rd February 2012… the day before my 23rd birthday, and the day I went to see Robin Elias at ITN fo a look ‘behind the scenes!’.

The itinery went as follows…

  • 12:45: meet and great
  • 12:50: whistle stop tour of the offices and studios
  • 13:00: watch the presenter’s rehersal before the live programme
  • 13:15: sit down in the control room ready for tx
  • 13:30: tx of the lunchtime news programme
  • 13:50: de-brief after the news and meet some of the presenters
  • 14:00: ‘executive lunch’ with Robin and Nick

Lessons learnt:

  • always ask questions and be curious
  • jump at any opportunity to meet people that are already in the industry
  • smiling and flattery can only ever help
  • news presenters are simply not paid enough…. (when scripts get changed at the last minute, the pressure seems immense, and keeping your cool is vital)
  • the use of the green screen in ITV news is phenomenal!!!

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