What makes a GOOD news story GREAT

  1. Strong news story
  2. Good pace to the story – not too slow or too fast
  3. The use of music/ wildtrack where necessary
  4. Good images, mainly moving, but still graphics if necessary
  5. A personal angle

The five points above are things I believe make a good news story great, and encourage the audience to keep on listening/ watching. All of the leading media corporations use at least one of these points in their day-to-day news telling techniques, and I feel I have managed to incorpaorate some, if not all, into my assessment packages…

SOMALIA – 1. quite simply a strong news story… breaking news. 2. a short package at only 1’30” so the pace had to be quite fast, in keeping with the feel of report about violence and Al Shabab. 3. wildtrack used behind my piece to camera. 4. good images from reuters. 5. mo was actually in Somalia at the beginning of the month and has family out there, showing how real people are affected by the violence.

OTTERS – 1. not quite as strong a news story, but a highly debated one, a lot of angles to take and people affected. 2. relatively fast moving pace, keeps the listeners attention. 3. used wildtrack from the conference behind my voice throughout the package. 4. N/A. 5. interviews with an angler that had actually been affected by otters, not just acedemics or heads of corporations speaking theoretically


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