TV – Evaluation

Now that my television package is complete, I have had some time to evaluate my work, draw out the positives and negatives from what I have acheievd, and given more time, develop ideas as to how I could improve on the package as a whole:

POSITIVES: never be scared to ASK FOR HELP! I have learnt now that despite being an individual assessment, it is always useful to have a second pair of eyes to look things over and strive for exactly what you want to do- I really wanted to do the green screen, so I asked Pete the technician for help and he was more than willing to do so; the use of reuters footage within my package gives it a more news-worthy feel; a tv package focuses on the pictures, and the quality of the reuters footage aids the story; being able to cover such a broad and complicated topic concisely and clearly is quite a useful skill for tv- the situation in Somalia is ongoing, with new angles breaking almost daily, so identifying a specific concept is vital in telling a good news story and I feel that I have been able to do this quite effectively. Being able to use the green screen to do my piece to camera was essential in this package, a location anywhere other than Somalia simply would not have fit within the story, also wildtrck from the reuters footage during this piece to camera meant that it flowed nicely through the package

NEGATIVES: Having reuters footage means that I am not able to put up the video freely on the internet, and feedback from other journalists is more difficult; I would have liked another interview- either over the phone or face to face, but I do not like putting in interviews for the sake of it, unless they add something new to the story, no point in repeating the same points, and there were no contacts I could find that would provide a suitable second interview (I did contact the British embassay in Somalia, but had no reply); my voice differs between the OOV and the pieve to camera… I realised this after I edited the package togther and would have liked to re-film the piece to camera with a slower paced voicer, but there was only one opportunity for me to use the green screen- my voice is something I definitely want to work and feel that with each package/ assessment I am slowly improving; Mo – the interviewee- was very quiet, and so in order to hear him the levels needed to be boosted right to the max, I think given my time again I would have adjusted where the mic had been placed and asked him to speak up slightly before the interview started, however he did grow in confidence throughout the interview, and he had some really good points to say

FUTURE: moving pictures behind me on the green screen would have made for a more realistic piece, and more interesting background- although this may have distracted from what I had to say; I would have liked to speak to the British embassay in Somalia or Al Shabab themselves for a second interview


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