RADIO – Evaluation

The radio package was quite difficult to get a European angle into a local story. Or a local angle into a European story. With such a large scope, but quite a specific brief, getting the right story was key. I have thought about the good, the bad and the potential improvements for this radio package:


POSITIVES: I managed to get three face to face interviews from both sides of the arguement- angler and conservationist- so the package could be balanced and fair; since I was actually at the IMF conference I took several minutes worth of wildtrack as well (just general background sounds) to be layed under my voice throughout the package and give it more atmosphere. Having three interviews rather than teo meant that I did not have to go bck to the same interviewee more than once, or repeat any points within an interview clip. I kept within the strict 2 minute 30 second time limit and followed Daisy’s very helpful basic guide to radio package, with equal weight given to interview clips and the presenters voice.

NEGATIVES: difficult to script in the European link with the story at first, I would have liked a story with a harder news angle to work with, but once I had the idea and the interviews I decided to run with it; had been covered quite extensively by the bbc and other south west media corporations, that were hyping up the hatred of the otters by the anglers, so I was very aware not be too sensational in my scripting; I had several people listen to my package and had mixed reviews as to whether or not to put the wildtrack underneath the whole package or just as introduction- it is common practice not to ‘stage’ a situation in the radio studio unless you were actually there, as the wildtrack sounds out of place, but since I had actually been at the conference and I reference my being there in my cue I felt that it worked, also the interviews have wildtrack behind them anyway, so it flows better if I keep wildtrack under the whole way through.

FUTURE: if I were to do this again, then I would speak to someone from DEFRA or the European Union habitat protection, to ask questions directly related to the European legal status, rather than just linking the EU elements in my script.


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