RADIO- The Interviewees

The dilemma….

So I went to The Somerset Otter Conference, and filmed the whole day’s events with Lisa Stephens. I did not however take my M-Audio with me, since the assessment was only set after this, and a day of debating around the topic of otters and anglers, did indeed lead me to want to do the radio package on it. 


The sound quality of the video may not be ideal for a radio package. The quality of the people being interviewd however, are as good as I am ever going to get them… all of the top individuals within their specific fields gathered together to discuss a very controversial topic. Since the IFM conference I have tried speaking to several anglers and fishery bailiffs at the lakes themselves, and they have refused to comment.

Interviewees at the debate:

Adam Grogan – RSPCA

Graham Scholey – Environment Agency (related article)

James Williams – Somerset Otter Group

Mike Heylin – Chairman of the Angling Trust


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