Second Assessment – Exploring the concept

RADIO: Reporting on a topic relating to the Euroean Union does not just mean a straight coverage of the Eurozone crisis… an area of news which has been totally over-reported and under enthusiastically dealt with. In order to show my progression as a journalist in the past couple of months, and (eventually) compete with the true professionals, I need a more subtle idea, which touches on the assessment brief topic, whilst providing a totally original news story and an interesting listen.

European regulations cover almost everything in day-to-day life, so finding a story which in some way relates, should not prove too difficult a challenge. The issue lies in finding a news story that is…

  • current and news – worthy
  • interesting/ sensational
  • plausable to find interviews for

My intial ideas are:

  1. Top China airlines to ignore EU Carbon tax
  2. Breast implant scare prompts call for tighter (EU) regulations
  3. Genetically Modified Food

Reading other journalists’ blogs, such as…

Helps to put the main isues into context, and utilise social media in identifying a possible key story.

TELEVISION: I am still very much throwing ideas around for this part of the assessment, but I know that I love filming and I know that I am keen to visualise a story on a screen (rather than just having the sound). In this area of the brief, I am looking for a topic that will lend itself nicely to being presented on screen, and for which I can make the most of the images I capture and any relevant reuters footage.


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