From humble beginnings…

So we started talking about our final projects for the course today. This is still clearly a long way off, but as so many of my course mates already have clear ideas of what they want to do, I feel I should really start brain storming…

As an IJ (International Journalism) student, I have but two requirements (I have set myself):-

  • travel abroad for the project
  • find a brand new news angle, on a story that I would want to read about/ watch on tv myself
  • (that way I will be more compelled to do the story justice when it comes to the 10week slog)

What am I most passionate about at this precise moment in time?! …. Orangutans!!

Always have been. I cannot really put my finger on why. I just am. It has something to do with, I feel, their eyes. How very human their eyes appear when you look directly into them. Them and gorillas.

Country… Borneo, or South America.

Now to identify an amazing news angle… T minus 6 months and counting!! Any ideas out there are welcome 🙂


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