Wrapping up the story…

With the clip and the interview edited and decided upon, only the task of writing the cues remains…

This in itself is a challenge. So much needs to be portrayed, in so few words. The essence of the news story needs to be delivered, and understood, before the clip is heard, and so an effective news story relies heavily upon the wording of a cue.

Four Golden rules of cue writing… (I would love to say these are my golden rules, but I have definitely been taught them along the way)

  • maximum of three sentences long
  • tell the entire stoy in the first sentence
  • always attribute the views of others
  • do not repeat phrases from the clip

There is of course, more to writing a cue than just these four points (otherwise hey, I could get a job tomorrow!) but I feel these are the fundamentals, and if you follow this formula (as I did) hopefully you won’t go far wrong.

So my interview cue looks as follows…

CUE INTERVIEW: Climate Change- Hines                  (the slug)

There is an increasing conflict between the environment and the economy, according to leading experts.                 (the top line)

Chris Hines, former sustainability director of The Eden Project and environmental expert, says that political ignorance and financial progression are preventing more from being done to protect global coast lines.

In a series of talks, he has called for those in charge to take a stronger stand in response to the worsening effects of Climate Change, or face the inevitable consequences of global over-consumption.  

Our reporter, Emma Fry, asks who the political figures involved are, and why they haven’t done more to prevent environmental disasters.

CLIP: Climate Change- Hines             (the technical stuff)

IN: Greg Barker

OUT: to get that changed

DUR: 1:53


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