Chris Hines Uncut

So the interview was a success…


I was lucky with this assessment; as soon as I saw the title ‘Climate Change’, I knew who I wanted to interview. None of this running around and chasing stories for me… I was focused! 

“For London to go under water, there is no way I want that to happen, but boy would that wake us up!”

Chris Hines was presenting at The Poly, so I went along to his speech (which literally made me want to join Surfers Against Sewage!), and arranged to interview him after. He is an inspirational speaker and the fact he is on topic is just perfect for me. The massive hall may have proved a difficult interviewing space, with Chris sat up on the stage, and myself encroaching on his personal space (dont worry its in the jorurnalism hand book to get too close in interviews!), but he was comfortable, I was comfortable, and the sound was gooood!

And if you want to have a listen to the uncut, unrefined version, please do. I thought it might be interesting for you to see how the audio goes from pretty patchy, to a smooth running clip in less than a week!


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