Hot off the press and into the water

I previosuly posted about sexy surfing, but didnt really go into great detail about why, so here it is guys…


A massive issue in local and global society, but often (and I am sorry to say, more often than not) totally overlooked. My first piece of actually assessed work is to write a news worthy story about climate change, and I must admit- I am pretty excited.

As a self-confessed science nerd, and with a zoology degree under my belt- conservation, wildlife and ecology are all subject areas which fascinate me greatly. So a story about climate change should be a sinch (well interesting at the least).

I am very aware however, that the vast array of media coverage on climate change is totally uncompelling. With ‘G8 summit’ this, and ‘carbon emissions’ that, the topic of climate change needs to be dramatically ‘sexed up’ (in the words of Chris Hines) to stir any interest.

With this in mind, I intend to address the stark reality of how badly climate change is set to affect the future of global coast lines, whilst engaging with you the audience. 

It is the places we can save that should envoke a greater reaction, than hearing what we have done to destroy them!!

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