Postcards for Bambam

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My grandma, (aka Bambam), is a cutie.

Ever since I started university, back as an 18 year old fresher, she has written to me without fail, once a week.

My little blue envelope, with matching blue ‘notelet card’ came through the door this morning… happy days 🙂

It is one of life’s little pleasures to receive post. No-one necessarily admits this fact, but I really think that it is. And I have unashamedly taken it for granted since I was 18…

Have I ever written back to her?!… no.

Would I be upset if she stopped?!… yes.

And now she has started writing to my brother too (and he seemingly shows more appreciation), I feel something needs to be done!

So my aim is to write back, on one of the exciting Falmouth postcards that I find in town. Thank god she has no idea how to use the internet, or read this blog, so it will come as a total surprise to her…


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