Falmouth Clean Harbour

Oh yes… 100% success! David Evans is now one of my favourite contacts in Falmouth. The secret to a great interview is a  passionate individual, and this man had loads of it! I may have been slightly more than stressed out yesterday about finding someone suitable, but it definately seems to me that the best way of securing an interview is to stumble across them… what is it they say about the thing you’re looking for always being in the last place that you look?

Anyway, the interview itself was a breeze… organisation being the key there, though I didnt exactly have a strict set of questions, more like a few prompting areas of intrigue, for David to elaborate on.

I was then so fascinated by his work- Falmouth Clean Harbour- http://www.facebook.com/#!/bosunevans (and being a city girl, by the prospect of going out on the water) that I have agreed to dedicate at least an hour of my time each week to going out on the boat with him and helping out. I am now a trainee journalist and environmental activist combined. Lets see what I can add to my repetoire with my next assignment…


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