One small step for a trainee journalist…

Day 2 on my trail for an exciting environmental issue… and where do I end up?! The harbour. Ok so, it isn’t exactly far from my humble home, but with that much (apparent) environmental awareness on my doorstep, why travel any further than necessary?

My plan was to rock up and just go with the flow, in terms of questioning. Apparently that was a view not shared by the rest of my course mates. And after seeing the forth or fifth person phone around and drive across country to secure a really amazing interview… I felt a few phone calls should be made from my part too.

Ever heard of the hippy festival, Gather? Well I hadn’t either, but my house mates convinced me the main guy would be a good source of nature and ethics… he, however, was too busy pressing apples down on the farm!

Next up was the local information centre down at the harbour… Hmmm, not exactly the font of knowledge I was hoping for.

Final stop, the Maritime Museum. By some stroke of luck, I came across the founding member’s daughter of ‘Falmouth Clean Harbour’, working behind the desk, and a few smiles and blatant flattery later, I have secured myself an interview for the following day with the man himself… That’s one chuffed trainee journalist right there!

What have I learnt from this all?!… Not quite sure yet, I’ll let you know when the interview is a success tomorrow.


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